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Argh, over budget!

Okay so we ran out of sugar. You read that right. 12 lbs. of sugar in one week. We are currently working to figure out our sugar “leak”. I am thinking its hubby few gallons of sweet tea for work. … Continue reading


This weeks menu

Friday : Mexican  Corn tortillas Saturday : Chicken Stir fry & homemade fried rice Sunday : Ribs (these were given to us again!), black beans with rice, salad Monday : Leftovers Tuesday : Chicken, Veggies in tomato sauce over pasta … Continue reading

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Healthy drinks?

Summer is here and the heat is on around here. =With the summer heat comes thristy children. And now they are drinking more than ever to keep their little bodies hydrated. But I have a struggle in this area. They … Continue reading


Under budget ~ $58.55 !

This is what we bought this week. Except the sugar is not in the picture. #12 sugar was put away in the pantry container already. 🙂 Here is the break down from each store : Winn Dixie (this is from … Continue reading

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Teachable Moments

This new freedom adventure we are on has given us so much joy already. You would think with a strict budget that would be opposite but its not. Now there is comfort to know that every single dollar has a … Continue reading

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Winn Dixie Sale

Winn Dixie in my area is having an awesome sale this week if your lucky enough to have one near by. I have already spent so of next week’s grocery money because I wanted to make sure we were able … Continue reading

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Tuesday & Wednesday Meals

Tuesday : BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Bake Beans and Corn (all of this was leftovers I froze from my son’s graduations party back on the 12th) Wednesday : Homemade pizza

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Save A Lot has seeds! :)

My Save A Lot store at the end of the check out lanes had a display of a variety of flower & veggie seeds. 3 for $1. Next week when we shop we are going to try to include these … Continue reading

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Sunday & Monday Meals

Sunday: BBQ Ribs (these were given to us by a family friend), corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, salad and rolls Monday: Potato Broccoli soup (used some leftover potatoes from Sunday night) and grilled chicken salad

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Questions Answered

We have been getting questions via email, the blog and on Facebook about this journey. So we thought the best way to address them is add them here on the blog. Questions Answered: 1. We use only real butter, which … Continue reading

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