$60 Menu 6/18/10 – 6/24/10

Here is our menu for this week. Keep in mind we have started this journey with some items in our freezer and pantry. So the items listed were NOT purchased all this week. Our goal is not only spend only $60 but learn how to stock up on that amount too. I think I might be overly ambitious but we will see!


Friday : Leftover pasta from Friday & Blackened Catfish and green salad

Saturday : Pinto Beans with rice,  green salad and butterhorn rolls

Sunday : (Father’s Day) Ribs – these were given to us, roasted potatoes, corn on cob and green salad

Monday : Grilled Chicken Salad with garlic bread

Tuesday : BBQ Pork Sandwiches, bake beans, corn and salad

Wednesday : Homemade cheese pizzas

Thursday : Slices of turkey in gravy, rice or if there is any leftover potatoes we will have those and you guessed it, salad

Your probably thinking we eat a lot of salad. And your right we do. I try to have at least 2 or more veggies at each meal and salad is the one we all love, so it gets served at each meal. It is also my favorite breakfast (that’s right!) and lunch.

After this week we have only used up ONE meat I just purchased. The rest I purchased is going in the freezer. Like I said above our goal is not only feed us for this week on $60 but to stock up. I purchased 3 packages of chicken breast this week. Only one is being used. Our reasoning behind this so that should there ever be a week when we have to say purchase olive oil & flours, we are okay to skip purchasing meats. I have determined there will at least one week a month where we have to stock up on pantry items, so I am preparing for that in advance.

Thanks for reading and encouring & supporting us during this time! We are so thankful for you all as we continue to seek out the Lord in our daily life. For those who ask, you can email any questions, recipe ideas, concerns or hate mail to me at ThisDecoratedLife@hotmail.com 🙂


About theprovidentpantry

Mother, wife, small business owner but most importantly I am a daughter of the King!
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One Response to $60 Menu 6/18/10 – 6/24/10

  1. Crizzle says:

    I printed one of these (link below) off and I’m going to laminate it, so I can write on it with dry erase markers and reuse it. Also while at the store, I can simply erase something when I pick it up and won’t have to search through a list of crossed off items. There are dry erase pens with an eraser attached that would be very handy for this.


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