Teachable Moments

This new freedom adventure we are on has given us so much joy already. You would think with a strict budget that would be opposite but its not. Now there is comfort to know that every single dollar has a job. And we know the reward will be great. ๐Ÿ™‚

Another happy plus to this journey is that it has given us teachable moments to our children. We decided when we made out our strict budget that we would finally give our two middle kids jobs in which were extra to their chores to earn money each week. The oldest is 18 and is employed outside of our home. The youngest is 3 and not quite ready for money yet. But the 12 and 8 year old certainly were. We gave them a job that is something they are not normally in charge of and set the pay scale. We also told them if their other chores lacked while only focusing on their paid chore, they would do the paid chore for free. So far, it is working.

With their new found money I gave them new responsibilities. I am letting them purchase more of their own things and also helping them invest in things for worth instead of junk. Examples :

1. The girls live in flip flops. They discussed that now that they could buy shoes they would buy nicer sandals that would last longer. I offered if they bought 2 of the ones I picked out, I would split the cost with them as I was intending to buy shoes for an upcoming wedding. They quickly agreed. Now I am not out $20 for 2 pairs of nice sandals. And the girls are learning sometimes you have to pay more to get better quality. Sometimes cheap is well…cheap.

2. My oldest wants a bike. She outgrew hers and is currently riding mine which is too big for her. I had been prepared to buy her a bike for Christmas so again, I offered to pay half of a new bike up to $40. She has studied for 2 weeks now on what she likes and does not like on a bike. I also told her get as many options that are important to her for her $. She has found a $75 bike and is well on her way of owning it before Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Now when we are out of the house for awhile and the children want drinks or snacks, which is not in my budget any longer. They must purchase it themselves. It use to be when it was MY money, everyone wanted they own drink and snack. Now they are more than happy to share.

4. My oldest daughter wanted to lighten her hair. Needless to say she did. I was not fond of it, too light. While in Dollar Tree we noticed there was some hair dye that would be perfect color to correct her hair. And of course it was $1. My oldest had no money but without hesitation my youngest daughter grabbed the box of dye and said, “I will buy it so you can fix your hair!”

I could go on and on. But my children are learning about money in a real world right now. They are learning not how to just spend their money but how to make educated choices with their money. But most of all , they are learning that is not the root of everything. And will gladly use it on someone else in who is in need. ๐Ÿ™‚


About theprovidentpantry

Mother, wife, small business owner but most importantly I am a daughter of the King!
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