Healthy drinks?

Summer is here and the heat is on around here. =With the summer heat comes thristy children. And now they are drinking more than ever to keep their little bodies hydrated. But I have a struggle in this area. They like Koolaid but I detest it. I am not sure our budget can support Gatorade, juice and such. I am trying to get them to drink more water but it is boring to them.

So I am asking for advice. I need healthy drinks and ways to get them to drink more water! I have some homemade Gatorade recipes to look at but would love to have some variety. 🙂


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4 Responses to Healthy drinks?

  1. Crizzle says:

    How about letting them have a certain number of glasses of koolaid per day with the pre-requisite of a glass or two of water before each. You get more water in them and they get rewarded with their koolaid.
    Also maybe lemon-water with a touch of sweetener? I realize lemons might be a bit of an expense, but if you use slices in their glasses in stead of squeezing the juice out they will go a bit further.

  2. Wendy says:

    We make iced green tea. Sometimes I mix it 1/2 lemonade (sugar free) 1/2 tea. The kids love it. Also we do alot of “fruit coolers”. Take any citrusy (is that a word!) fruit and put in water. Let sit overnight. Sometimes I add a bit of sugar (like with strawberries, not citrus but yummy!). Put in ice water and sometimes I add bruised mint leaves. Or sometimes I add it to lemon/lime soda. I make popsicles a lot. I use koolaid, yogurt, leftover juice from canned fruit (they especially like these).

  3. Sheila says:

    Michele, my kids used to detest water, but when I didn’t give them a choice they learned to like it. For the three kids I keep a gallon of tea, a gallon of lemonade, a few gatorades, and a few juice pouches (as much as I detest them, they are great on the go) in the house. They go through the tea (dh has one glass a day) pretty quick ~ I make maybe 3 gallons a week. The lemonade (I will alternate Koolaid from time to time) I may make 1 gallon a week, sometimes two. But… my rule is they get milk at breakfast (or water), they can have 1 cup of something (tea/Koolaid/Lemonade) but when it’s gone it’s gone, and they get water. Same for dinner. Throughout the day I allow them to drink as much water as they want. WE use the gatorades on days we are out at the pool (not @ home), and in the direct sun for hours at a time.

    I do have to admit it was a battle, but when they saw that mom only drinks water during the day (with an occassional diet soda or lemonade) it made it much easier.

    Spa water is good too! IN a gallon of water add slices of cucumber and melon. 🙂 Tasty, and it gets some nutrients from the fruit.

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