Argh, over budget!

Okay so we ran out of sugar. You read that right. 12 lbs. of sugar in one week. We are currently working to figure out our sugar “leak”. I am thinking its hubby few gallons of sweet tea for work. We are now monitoring it a bit more carefully. There is also some suggestion of lots of baking too (fresh and for the freezer.) We shall see!

So, I had to get sugar and I went ahead since I was failing and bought more lettuce too. Grand total: $9.38
I subtracted what we are under budget the last two weeks. Which is $2.61 and that means we are over budget by $6.77. ACK. I am hoping to make it up in the weeks to come. 🙂


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Mother, wife, small business owner but most importantly I am a daughter of the King!
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3 Responses to Argh, over budget!

  1. Anita says:

    Could you maybe add a few more dollars to your totals? Maybe as little as $5-$10 a week…it might give you a little more ‘wiggle’room….just an idea.

  2. Anita says:

    Also, Michele……..just how much sugar do you put in a gallon? I use as little as a cup….dh likes to use 1.5 cups…..he loves it SWEET.

  3. Crizzle says:

    I have an idea. How about this: Anytime you go under budget, stick the difference in a jar. Then whenever you need something else you can take the money from that jar. Say you spend $58.55. Put the $1.45 you were under budget in the jar. It will keep you in your budget since you’ll be using money you already had assigned to it anyway.

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