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Cooking From Scratch : Making a Roux

One of the most handiest things you can learn to do in the kitchen is also the easiest thing to learn. How to make a roux. Roux can be the basis for gravy, sauces and even replace those costly but … Continue reading

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Fresh, frozen or canned?

On our Facebook page today we are discussing if frozen is the same nutritionally wise over fresh veggies/fruit. I was surprised to learn that since non-local fresh produce travels for many miles and is not hours old, that in the … Continue reading

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Sweetbay & Winn Dixie Deals :)

I was just looking over my grocery fliers and thought I would quickly point out some hot deals for our SW Florida readers. 🙂 Sweetbay : Bone in chicken breast $.99 lb. Winn Dixie: OJ 2/$7 Red seedless grapes $.88lb. … Continue reading

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This weeks Menu :)

Friday ~ While I spent the day shopping (alone) and visiting my dear friend, my family were treated to a wonderful take out meal as a gift from an extended family member. He often eats with us and wanted to … Continue reading

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What to do , what to do?!

It’s Friday. There are no GREAT sales this week. The pantry and fridge are bare. I need to make a menu and shopping list. From…… GREAT sales this week. WHAT TO DO ?! (this is me, keeping it real…..)

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Odd purchases this week…

We were out of town from last Thursday and came back home early Monday morning. Since I shop on Friday morning I did a quick survey and realized I needed very little for the week. Also, Angela over the Grocery … Continue reading

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But you can’t eat healthy for $10 a person a week…

This is no doubt the sentiment I am met with almost every time someone hears our quest. And I don’t blame them. Healthy food off the counter IS expensive. But read that sentence again. Off the counter. If you walk … Continue reading

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Under budget AGAIN! :)

Here we go! If it looks sparse that is because I needed no meat this week as we have a good deal of it in the deep freezer. Here is the break down of the items, their price and my … Continue reading

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A new name!

Psst….look at the header! We have a new name! We also have a new domain that will be up and running in a few short weeks. When it is this site will direct you to it. 🙂 Thank you to … Continue reading

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This Weeks Menu

Here is this week’s menu. Something new, I have included lunches! 🙂 Friday : Lunch ~ Snacky Lunch with fruit, veggies & cheese sticks Dinner ~ Fried rice, Chicken & Broccoli Oriental Bake & Chinese Salad Saturday : Lunch ~ … Continue reading