One can not live without milk and butter

So your probably wondering where the lovely pictures of our weekly bounty is.
About that.
There are none.
Why you ask?
Because our weekend was strange, off and involved a small day long road trip. In which also fell on my shopping day. Which I did not prepare for AT ALL. So that left me to wing it. Are you sensing yet this is dangerous territory? We went over budget when I flew by the seat of my pants. I won’t even take the time to add it up cause I will probably have a meltdown. But it is sufficient to say its was greatly over budget.
And I’m out of milk and butter.
Ever try to cook from scratch cakes, cookies, oatmeal and what not without those two? Good luck. So this evening I shall go buy more which sends us even more so over budget. But it is what it is. It is a lesson in planning. It is a blow to my ego that I can not shop without a list but I will recover. I am determined to not let this kill my spirit as it use to and I would give up. I am already planning for next week. Trying to get it down to the wire in hopes of making up over the course of time what I lost when I went meandering through the grocery stores.Since I have no great pictures of how well I can do, let me tell you the pro’s and con’s of what I did do this week.


1. I stocked up on chicken breast. At $.99 lb that is the best we will find it even with the bone and skin on. If I am an honest person I would tell you if I had $20 in my pocket today I would run down and get more. I have issues.
2. I almost got it right. I abandoned a cart at Wal Mart when I realized I was paying too much for things cause I was too lazy to store hop. I walked right out.
3. I refused to pay more than $1 for 6 rolls of TP. And I am glad I stuck to my guns. Wal Mart carries it for $.97 but as I just said, I abandoned the WHOLE cart. Luckily Dollar General has it and it was next to the Save a Lot I was out. I didn’t cave to the $1.29 for 4 rolls at SAL.


1. I forgot milk, butter, zip lock bags and cheese. All of which was in the cart I abandoned at Wal Mart.
2. I abandoned a cart at Wal Mart. I know, it was a Pro but it also a Con. Why? I should have simply put back what was over priced and kept the good stuff. I was too disgusted with myself to do so.
3. I bought cold cereal. It was only $.50, which is a good deal. But you might want to have milk with cereal. I’m just sayin’….

By the way, the chicken breast were so big that TWO of them made an excellent dish of chicken & rice last night. We had so much leftover, its for dinner too. So it wasn’t all bad. Somewhat. Ok. It was bad. 😉

PS….In depressing news I was told there is already “The Provident Pantry” blog. Hmmm. I think a new name is in order. But maybe I will let you faithful two readers help pick it. 🙂


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Mother, wife, small business owner but most importantly I am a daughter of the King!
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4 Responses to One can not live without milk and butter

  1. Sheila says:

    Michele, we live and learn. I am glad you know that. ❤

    I have weeks were I go way over budget, especially during the school year when I am working. Towards the end of the school year I go WAY over budget, stocking up the house for the summer. 🙂 My family loves chicken and rice, and I haven't made it in a few weeks if not longer then a month. I think I will put it on the menu for this week!

  2. kirataffy says:

    we went WAY over budget and if I had more money, I would go buy more. I HATE not having my freezer and pantry full. It is killing me. Anyway, I looked over the sale items carefully, made my list per store.. then I went to Walmart and BJ’s. Where I discovered that they both beat the sale prices everywhere else.. ALOT. I was so suprised at the prices in BJ’s, since I had last been there. I started writing down the prices of items I ALWAYS buy, then went to Walmart and compared the prices there.. Then I compared them to sales at other stores. Suprise! So, anyway, I got everything we needed and a lot of it will last for awhile, which will help in the coming weeks. BUT, as of tonight’s dinner.. I am out of potatoes and instant rice.

    • Sam’s is always cheaper for me. But I think it is all in what your buying. I buy very basic items….milk, flour, yeast, butter and so on. BJ’s prices on those items don’t usually compare. But I know people don’t all shop the way we do. For instance, there is only two convenience foods in our house presently, cold cereal and ramen. And I loathe each of those. The cereal will stay until it becomes unaffordable. And the ramen will stay until I can get better at meal planning. I rock at dinners. Stink at lunches and breakfasts. I need to work on that.
      The produce at Wal Mart for me was not a good deal when I have U Save as a choice. I realize that it is not central to most folks around here. I feel very fortunate for that place. 🙂

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