My best tips….so far! :)

Here is a small collection of tips I am finding really work for us in this meal plan..

1. Meatless one night a week. For us, that means a bean dish. Taste great and has the protein we need!

2. Soup once a week regardless of the weather. I left the “soup is for winter” theory behind! Chicken noodle is a current favorite 🙂

3. Buy the bone. I am doing the math and meat in almost all forms is cheaper on the bone. Yes even accounting for the weight, it is still cheaper. I use the bones & leftover bits for broth for the freezer to even make my pennies stretch.

4. If I can be made at home, I will do it! Tortillas might be cheap but I have all the ingredients in bulk to make them at home, so nothing is cheaper than already paid for. 🙂

5. Learn what you really want. We gave up things in order to eat better and frugally. We continue to stretch ourselves to give up more. We have a new saying here and its our motto, “We eat to live, not live to eat.” Food nourishes our body not our emotions. Once we can past emotional eating, it helped.

6. Portion control. The star of our meals is veggies, 2nd to meat and last to starches. 🙂

What we gave up:
Cereal (starting this week I realized it was a money eater & unhealthy)
Store bought breads
Brand names (I let go of my Cascade this week as well)
Paper Towels
Canned soups
Organic (not to say if it is the cheapest option I wouldn’t buy it, I would)
Raw milk (sniff sniff)
Farm Fresh Eggs (wahhhhh)
Paper plates

Things We are considering:
Salad Dressings (might go back to making our own)
Trash bags (use Wal Mart bags)
egg noodles (makes no sense since I can make them other than WW ones are $.74 at WM)

We are still working on it! But so far those are things that help us. Hope this helps others. 🙂
Menu and pictures coming tomorrow!


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Mother, wife, small business owner but most importantly I am a daughter of the King!
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5 Responses to My best tips….so far! :)

  1. kirataffy says:

    you mean that Madison is not making her cookies!!? WAHHHHH

  2. Stacey says:

    What do you make your tortillas out of? I would love to make my own whole wheat tortillas (the Mission Low Carb Whole Wheat torillas are like $4-5/package… I buy them because they give my husband a low carb snack when he can’t eat a sandwich because he’s already had too many carbs and doesn’t want to cause his blood sugar to go up), but I have no idea where to even start!

    • Stacey I have made WW but because whole wheat makes my gall bladder go nutty I dont right now. I make them with white flous. But here is a GREAT place to start with recipes & such for making them, We are slowly introducing whole wheat back into our diet because it is just better for us. But I have to do it slowly otherwise I will never heal my gall bladder. 🙂
      But I have a grain grinder and use to buy wheat berries in bulk and grind our flour fresh. To me hands down it was the best. I understand its expensive to buy grain mills. But if you want to try it, you can come over & grind your berries in my machine. 🙂

  3. Anita says:

    Michele, I know that Cascade is a good one. But have you thought of just using maybe 1 Tablespoon to see how well it would clean? I know of several who do goes a long ways and works well too. Of course, I don’t have a dishwasher…so I can not testify to this. I am enjoying following your journey. 🙂

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