Then I have had to eat my own words….

Scratch the NO MILK rule on the previous post. I did some reading and researching ~ seems like that is all I do these days. And came to find out that the milk is not bad for us. As long as I give it in RAW form. Which I am.  I made each child have some with dinner. It is going to take cookies or something to get me and hubby to eat some. It is just been drilled in our head NOT to eat it I don’t even know if we can bring ourselves to do it now.
We are weirdos.
This has been a crazy adventure so far….


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Mother, wife, small business owner but most importantly I am a daughter of the King!
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2 Responses to Then I have had to eat my own words….

  1. Sheila says:

    You will find the more you dig, that there are rules for everything, and if someone says NO you shouldn’t, there will be someone who says YES you should. It is a never ending cycle. God will give you clear direction in this journey.
    Ps. My body doesn’t do well with milk, UNLESS I havent’ been in the sun. Goes to show that we all need Vit D therapy in one form or another, especially if your lacking that nutrient. Of course, the best way is to get it naturally from the sun, along with some fresh air. Which I try to do daily.

  2. I put weight on those who believe in whole foods more than those who believe in chemicals. The whole thought that one shouldn’t drink very much milk is clearly a chemical thinking theory.
    Also great point about the sun. Our problem is we are almost all extremely fair skinned. There for need more Vitamin D than most probably. 🙂

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