Going Rouge : My Adventure in the Land of No ‘Poo

This post was written over a period of time. I did not post them as I wanted to see if this NO SHAMPOO (as in POO) was going to work for me and Madison. Also it gave a thoroughly time-line as to how long it took our hair to look normal again.

Wednesday August 4th, 2010
I did it. I finally got sick of washing my hair DAILY. No more shampoo or conditioner. This morning before my workout, I showered and cleaned my hair with a baking soda mixture. (RECIPE posted at the end of this post) No vinegar rinse for me as my hair was VERY dirty and oily at the time of washing.
Surprise~ My head tingled while rinsing! 🙂

Thursday August 5th, 2010
Despite working out twice my hair is still very clean. I did Madison’s Wednesday afternoon and it has been very nice as well. Jon did his hair tonight and was surprised with how clean his hair is. I do believe mine will need a washing Friday evening. I will say that my hair has taken on a strange shape and it tends to have a mind of its own currently, where as most of the time it just lays flat to my head. I have read that this is common. It is kind of neat to not have stick straight hair for a change!

Tuesday August 10th, 2010
I washed my hair on Saturday but we had a party on Sunday in which I needed to “fix” my hair. Meaning I used styling product. Blech. Today it will need to be washed again because of the product. I have yet to do a vinegar rinse yet as my hair is usually very oily. And because I do not have apple cider vinegar but just white distilled vinegar. I am hoping if I wash my hair today, it won’t need it again until Saturday. Fingers crossed! 🙂

Friday August 13th, 2010
I rinsed my hair last night when I bathed. Just water and my hair feels like I ‘washed’ it all over again! I had been avoiding wetting it but now see it is fine to do so! I will have no issue making it to Saturday to ‘wash’ my hair again. Wonder if I can make it to Sunday?? Also all females in this household are now NO POO and its working great! 🙂

Saturday August 14th, 2010
OK, so I won’t be making it until Sunday. But I am finding I can last longer between ‘washings’. The end result? My hair feels cleaner, feels fuller and to be honest, for the first time in it’s fine haired life it is actually a tad bit hard to manage. It is taking a life of it’s on for sure and frankly, I like that. My hair has always just laid flat on my head. So this is a welcomed change for me. Madison is experiencing the same thing, again….she likes the volume. We have yet to try the conditioner of apple cider vinegar but will soon. Both of our hair tends to be too greasy so for the initial trial we decided to not promote oily conditions. Overall conclusion is that I will not return to regular shampoo anytime soon! 🙂

Recipe and the article that I read that convinced me to try NO POO!

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Vaccuming My Mattress

First off, why would I do that?
Simple. I suffer from allergies of all sorts. And I also have developed asthma which continues to worsen each year. I get my worst attacks at night when I am sleeping. I am hoping this, among other things I am doing, will lessen the severity and frequency of those.

And because I can’t do anything without pictures, I decided to show all of you what I ended up with in this adventure!

Gross. I suspect there was more but I have a feather topper that goes in the dryer on a regular basis to get any ickies out. But think about it. This is what made it through the feather topper and the foam topper (which I did vacuum later too – and double gross).

Now you just read I have a memory foam mattress topper and a feather bed on top of my mattress. Seems like overkill doesn’t it? Maybe.

But it is the most comfortable rest I have ever had. I read an article from Brad Pitt (I know, cheesy.) one time that he suggested a cheap mattress, the a memory foam and feather toppers in that order. I figure if it is good enough for him and Angelina Jolie to roll around on, I might give it a whirl. I bought a 3″ memory topper on sale at Target for $80. I also bought down feather topper there as well for $70 at the time. These are King size prices by the way. And you know what? He was right. I have a laundry list of things wrong with my back. From bulging discs to my spine being twisted somewhat from an accident 16 years ago. The days of waking up in pain are over. Well worth the investment! Everyone who sits on my bed tells me its the most comfortable bed they have ever sat on. I happen to agree! If you watch for sales at Target and JC Pennys you can get a better deal than me on the toppers. But I have to say again, well worth the investment. 🙂

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Why I do what I do…

You can imagine that for the same amount of folks who are interested in what I do there is the same amount of people who question what I do. I realize most of the time people do not know me in the way that these adventures make sense to them. While I agree that my way of life is not for everyone. I think that people often shut the door on what is opposite of their choices and also shut out potentially good information. Maybe if people knew me they would understand (not necessarily agree) my choices better.

I am passionate.
There was never a time in my life where I was not passionate about something. This is no different. I love this part of me. When I believe in something I am passionate to the core about it. I spend endless amounts of time researching it and becoming knowledgeable on the subject. People off say that I speak on issues as if I have authority. I don’t know if I am an authority but when I speak on subjects that are important to me, I speak with passion and confidence. I tend to hold back on things I have not researched and not to hold back when I have.

I have a burning desire to learn.
I feel like a mind resting is a mind wasting. I am always looking for more ways to learn and grow. Sometimes I get it wrong (that’s OK, I still learn) and sometimes I get it right. Either way, I am being stretched and in the process I am learning more and more.

I believe in a better tomorrow.
I am fundamentally grounded in the fact that what we do today will help shape tomorrow. I have an undying hope for this world. And I wholeheartedly believe that just one person can make change. It might not change the whole world but when one person stands firm , it has at the very least changed them. And that is always worth it. Being true to oneself is very under rated. It is what keeps you afloat when the world is throwing rocks at you. One must always believe in themselves first before anyone else can believe in them.

I am a servant to God.
I am an unashamed Christian. I believe that the direction in my life are not by some accident. But that the Lord has guided me in all that I do. Even in the smallest of means, HE is with me. Furthermore I believe that God cares about the big and small details in our lives. This adventure I am on is no exception. I know that God tells us that our bodies are a temple and that my desire to better is reflective of my desire that my body to be a temple again the way HE created it. When it concerns money, clutter, simple living….it is all FOR HIM. My desire is to live a simple life in order for the focus to be on Him. My life is patterned around Him and my home is patterned around Him. It is the absolute belief in God that has carried me and my family through many trials.

It all matters.
No matter how small the choice is, it matters. While I may never see the end result of my choice while I am here on this earth, that does not mean there is not one.  One day I will have to stand before God and I will have answer to Him for my choices. I know that God has mercy but I also know that if we know there is a better way and we turn from it in order to make OUR life easier, then we will be in judgment for it. I feel a great responsibility to my family in my role. I am the mother, the wife, the nurse, the pharmacist, the teacher, the cook and most importantly I am a steward. I have been given the gift of being a steward of this earth, this home and most importantly of these children. This I am sure of, I will stand before the Lord and answer to Him if I took my role seriously or if I served myself. It is a struggle each and every single day for me to do hard things and deny my selfish side. But I know the end result is not that I found favor with God, but that my children will be equipped as God fearing adults some day.

This blog is here for the purpose of encouraging others to follow their own passions and choices. And a written journal for my own family for years to come. I pray that with each thing that is posted you are inspired to research what is best for you and your family as well. God Bless….

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Cooking From Scratch : Cream Gravy

For this session of our Cooking From Scratch series we are going to learn how to make a cream gravy. What we are technically making is a “white sauce”. I call it cream gravy but it has many wonderful uses other than just a gravy. This batch I ended up adding mixed veggies to and some cooked ground beef for the filling of a delish homemade pot pie. Enjoy and please feel free to ask any questions! 🙂

{Ignore the dog growling in the background, LOL And I was picking a thread from my dish towel from the milk! LOL It looked gross but oh well. }
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Simple Cooking : Lentil Soup

I made this recipe last week and it was a huge hit with the family. Lentils are great source of nutrition and a staple in our home now.

You will need:
1 lb. dry lentil beans, rinsed and checked over for rocks & dirt
1 onion, diced
2 stalks of celery diced
15 oz . of stewed tomatoes, drained
2 tbsp. butter or your oil of choice
2 tsp. garlic powder (you can certainly use fresh minced!)
1/2 lb pepperoni, breakfast sausage or smoked sausage
4 cups of beef broth

Heat your butter or oil in a heavy bottomed pot. Add in the celery, tomatoes and your choice of meat. Saute over medium/high heat. Once it is done, add in onions & garlic powder. Then continue to saute until they are translucent. Add in lentils and broth & bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cover. Checking often , adding more water (or broth) as needed to keep a soup consistency. Lentils should be soft within 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Enjoy!

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Then I have had to eat my own words….

Scratch the NO MILK rule on the previous post. I did some reading and researching ~ seems like that is all I do these days. And came to find out that the milk is not bad for us. As long as I give it in RAW form. Which I am.  I made each child have some with dinner. It is going to take cookies or something to get me and hubby to eat some. It is just been drilled in our head NOT to eat it I don’t even know if we can bring ourselves to do it now.
We are weirdos.
This has been a crazy adventure so far….

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Our Lunch Today

I thought I would give a glimpse of what our daily eating habits are like and a few rules we have established in our home.

Today’s lunch was :
Green Salad w/ tomatoes, black beans, chicken and dressing

And some lunch rules we have this house….
1. NO seconds. I give them generous amounts. And they have snacks twice a day. I am not letting them load up on one meal, it is not wise for their metabolism.
2. Water only with lunch. We have gotten rid of milk and most if not all juice (still have OJ occasionally). We have water or lighten sweetened ice tea.
3. Yogurt with lunch and breakfast. They get lots of calcium this way.

Hope this helps answer some questions!

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Cooking From Scratch : Making a Roux

One of the most handiest things you can learn to do in the kitchen is also the easiest thing to learn. How to make a roux. Roux can be the basis for gravy, sauces and even replace those costly but easy to use cream of whatever soups we all love so much.

Furthermore the ingredients of commercially bought items I listed above are often not good for you at all. With a roux, you can control what you use and make it healthy for your family.

Basics of a roux :
Equal parts of a fat & flour

What liquid you add to it determines what gravy you get. Cream gravy? Milk , I use powdered milk. More of a sauce like for chicken & rice? Broth is great, again homemade even better.

Still not sure? Here is a video 🙂

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Fresh, frozen or canned?

On our Facebook page today we are discussing if frozen is the same nutritionally wise over fresh veggies/fruit.

I was surprised to learn that since non-local fresh produce travels for many miles and is not hours old, that in the end it holds the same nutritional value as most frozen foods. Then I learned that frozen foods are often blanched before freezing, there fore their value is almost the same as canned. Subsequently a check on some of the newer steam bag frozen veggies found that there was OTHER things in them , some even trans fat. Why? Who knows!

So, then are all veggies basically nutritionally equal? No. If you can either grow your own (my #1 choice!) or buy local then that is the best bet. The upside is often local produced foods are often cheaper than there grocery store counter part. Though I know it is not always the case or even viable for some people.

What about organic? While I agree it is better for you than the hothouse method of producing veggies & fruits, if your buying in the grocery store chances are it has traveled and broke down the same as it’s pesticide counterpart. Often due to the lack of organic farms it has traveled longer. So does that mean it is not worth the price? Sometimes and sometimes not. But it is always worth the price if your moral compass wants to support a method of growing that is not chemical laced. But we are speaking nutritionally. And in that point, the jury is still out.

For me I have developed a list of priority for my vegetable and fruit buying. When my first choice is not available then I move down to the next choice. Remember this is what I have done in my own research to find the most nutritionally dense for my dollar. Moral issues may dictate you shop differently. 🙂

1. Local fresh (organic if at all possible)
2. Grocery store fresh (organic if affordable & I feel it is a better choice)
3. Frozen (check you ingredients!)
4. Canned (last resort, I feel at this point its better than no veggies at all)

What is your first choice in veggies for your family? 🙂

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Sweetbay & Winn Dixie Deals :)

I was just looking over my grocery fliers and thought I would quickly point out some hot deals for our SW Florida readers. 🙂

Sweetbay :
Bone in chicken breast $.99 lb.

Winn Dixie:
OJ 2/$7
Red seedless grapes $.88lb.
Large peaches $.99 lb.
Large dozen eggs $.99

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