Hard work never hurt anyone…

I recently wrote on Facebook about my desire to write a book. The book would be about how to cook real food, quickly. The book has not shaped up the way I had hoped. Every time I wrote something the words felt disconnected to my core idea. It was getting increasingly harder to put it into words. Early this morning I realized why.

Some times…..you just have to work.
There is no getting around it.
Furthermore, why should you?

We drill a work ethic in our children head but we lead by example. And this generation of ours is constantly looking for the quicker easier way out of work. Whether it be our jobs, our home, our duties to our children….we are all about streamlining it to make it go faster, quicker and more convenient to our lifestyle. We should not be surprised when we have honed children who not only do not enjoy working but children who are always looking for a way to get out of it. Same way we have breed the chicken not to brood, we have breed our children to not be lovers of work. To the point they will spend more energy and time on the thought process of how to get out of it. Because folks, that is what we are doing ourselves. We have built an entire world on inpatient people. And I am one of them. But no more my friends.

Now there is nothing wrong with finding an efficient way to do things. I am all about that. But if the time saver is going to compromise any aspect of it, then how efficient is it? For example, we have made the process of raising our food on this earth (especially in America) extremely efficient. But what did it cost us? We are now learning it cost us dearly in many areas especially to our personal health. We have to learn how to combine the usefulness of the task (like growing food responsibly) with time saving efforts. And not to accept inferior results for the sake of doing less work. As my our grandparents have all said, hard work never hurt anyone. They should know.

So, there is no easy quick cookbook coming. Cooking real food takes real time. The effort is worth it. We will have a better quality of life. I’m not looking for quantity of life, that is in the hands of the Lord. 🙂


About theprovidentpantry

Mother, wife, small business owner but most importantly I am a daughter of the King!
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